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Robert Bloch and EC Comics

Bobby Bickert

Quite a few of the stories in the legendary EC horror comics (Tales from the Crypt; The Vault of Horror; The Haunt of Fear) were unauthorized "swipes" of short stories by authors like Poe, Lovecraft, Ambrose Bierce, Ray Bradbury, and -- Robert Bloch. As far as I know, Ray Bradbury was the only one who found out and asked for payment and a byline; I've never seen anything in Bloch's interviews about EC "adaptations." The ones I've found (in order of faithfullness):

October 1999 marked the end of the reprinting of every EC "New Trend" comic as a 32-page comic book (though the covers have been recolored differently), and virtually all back issues are still available from the publisher; call 1-800-EC-CRYPT or visit their website. Note that Vault of Horror has been renumbered, so you'd actually need #7 and #8, not #18 and #19.