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Other Efforts

Comic Books

Journey Into Mystery 2 A number of Robert Bloch's stories have been adapted into comic book form. Bloch's contributions to this medium include:

Embrace the Wolf In addition, DC Comics published a one-shot comic book sequel to Robert Bloch's Star Trek episode "Wolf in the Fold," entitled Star Trek: The Next Generation: Embrace the Wolf (Wildstorm/DC Comics, 2000) (later reprinted in the collection Enemy Unseen (Wildstorm/DC Comics, 2001; ISBN 1-56389-765-2).

Embrace the Wolf was written by Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski, with art by Dave Hoover and Troy Hubbs.

The DC Comics Press release for this title reads as follows:

The disembodied evil being responsible for the crimes of Jack the Ripper an entity defeated by Captain James T. Kirk a century ago seeks revenge on Captain Picard. When a Federation-aligned planet is thrown into chaos by a wave of sudden, inexplicable violence and the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D arrives to investigate, Captain Picard and his crew discover the threat has its roots in a mission concluded by the original Enterprise nearly a century earlier, in "STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION¨ - EMBRACE THE WOLF. This Prestige one-shot serves as a sequel to the classic Star Trek episode "Wolf in the Fold," which introduced a disembodied force of evil known as Redjac...the power behind such mysterious killings as Earth's infamous Jack the Ripper murders.

Finally, Bobby Bickert notes similarities between certain Robert Bloch stories and certain stories from the classic horror line of comics from EC Comics in an essay located here.